Friday Fly Day - Now Is The Time For Cicadas


It's pretty much the fly fisherman’s Christmas time of year when the cicadas are in full swing, and that time is now. Merry Cicadamas. Deafening roars of cicadas ribs (yes ribs) rubbing together can often drown out the noise of the river and all you really need is a rough cast in the general direction of a fish and the big splash of a high protein feed hitting the water is enough to get the fish ripping across to smash your fly.

It's not rocket science but, as we well know, sometimes fish can be a little bit fussy, so that's why it pays to have a good selection of sizes, colours and profiles of cicada flies in your box.

And you know the Manic Fly Collection will have you covered, check them all out...

Classic Cicada Fly


This has long been a go to cicada fly with a provern track record. Available in sizes 6 & 8.

Classic Cicada Black


Not all cicadas are created equal. In fact we have 42 different species in NZ derived from five main genus groups, but that can generally get boiled down to green, black and a lighter tan / yellow type. Check your surroundings and go from there. The black cicada also provides a dense silhouette making it an easy meal to spot for hungry trout and comes in a middle of the road size 8.


This is our small size 10 cicada pattern for those slighty trickier trout that need a subtle approach. They might want to commit to a big meal but may have been fooled in the past and know better now.


The big dawg size 6, rubber legged, dark bodied "I dare you to eat me" pattern. When this thing touches down any fish in the area is going to know about it. The sheer audacity of this fly can be enough to provoke a trout into eating it.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and not only does the size 8 True Cicada look cool in the fly box it also fishes like a champ.


Another smaller size 10 cicada fly but with some added rubber legs to bump up the surface profile a bit and make itself known. Just loud enough without being obnoxious.


The size 8 swiss army knife of cicada patterns and the little brother of the King Cicada. A great searching pattern to kick off the day with, figure out some fish reactions and go from there.