Four Seasons In One Weekend

Well after a long time between drinks my buddy Tim and I managed to get out the back of beyond for a classic Kaimanawa weekend of fishing and a spot of hunting.

As is tradition the fish were spooky and the sika were sneaky but at least a few trout were willing to lend us a hand. Friday was a touch chilly with a stiff southerly coming down the valley but it eventually warmed up and mayflies were seen hatching consistently all day which had the trout happily eating off the top.

Once we chopped off the nymphs and went dry only with sz16 Rene’s Killer Klinks or Para Wulff Pheasant Tails we were able to get a few casts over some fish and some pretty awesome eats. Not huge numbers of fish caught but they were memorable ones.

It was great fun getting my 9ft 4wt Scott Radian out and about, it’s the perfect stick for a trip like this where you need to be able to make short, delicate presentations, deal with a bit of a stiff breeze and keep those big fish from finding refuge amongst the many log jams. The rest of the weekend was spent lurking around the area on various missions making the most of the time being in the middle of nowhere.

A few more fish were harassed and some new locations found for future trips. We packed up camp and left on a rainy Sunday morning and looking out the window right now it seems to have followed me home, at least we got a small taste of what summer will have on offer.