Flyday Friday - Galloups softer side

So we all know Kelly Galloup for his big, eye popping streamers such as the Sex Dungeon and T&A Bunker, yet it appears he has a gentler side too. We are proud to include these wee beauties in this seasons Manic Fly Collection line up...

Galloup's New Found Link

Galloups Found Link

A great crossover which can imitate both a mayfly emerger, or caddis / spent caddis. This film fly sits flush in the surface making it a valuable addition to any flybox.

Galloup's Ant

Galloups Antacid

A small, subtle yet deadly searching pattern. When trout are a little wary of your common blowfly pattern then this wee pup will seal the deal. Present to sighted fish, or drop into the foam line / along those sexy cut banks...Just keep the net handy.