2019 In Review Part 3 - Mackenzie Canal Flylife With Chris Dore

Here's another counter intuitive article for you guys to read in the middle of summer, it's all about the canals. The last couple of seasons down those ways have been very busy and a real subculture of fly fisherman has emerged with it. Previously they were hiding in the shadows of the Twizel RSA with quiet whispers of canal goings ons for a committed few, but these days it really is its own thing with varying levels of interest from the "no way, not ever" camp through to the "I'm happiest walking the canal roads for 76km a day" crew.

Either way, you can't argue with the numbers and this is one of the most read articles this year even though Chris Dore originally wrote it back in 2015. The canals are big, both literally and figuratively.


Charles Smith Canal Fishing