Airflo G3 Fluorocarbon Tippet

The UK’s No1 selling Fluorocarbon is up to 60% lower in diameter than regular fluorocarbon, boasts superior knot strength and excellent suppleness.

LB Diameter
3lb 0.13
4lb 0.14
5lb 0.16
6lb 0.18
7lb 0.19
8lb 0.21
10lb 0.23
12.0lb 0.25
15lb 0.28


Airflo Tactical Co-Polymer

Our new tactical tippet is our go to material for all day to day Techniques. The strength of this hi- performance co-polymer is incredible for its diameter and its exceptional consistent knotting makes it a reliable choice. With a density is far lower than fluorocarbon making it a perfect choice for surface presentations.

Available in 30 yard spools.

Range Diameter Break Strain
7X 0.004 2.4lb
6X 0.005 3.6lb
5X 0.006 4.8lb
4X 0.007 6.4lb
3X 0.008 8.3lb
2X 0.009 10.4lb
1X 0.010 12.8lb
0X 0.011 15lb
20lb 0.013 20lb