Airflo Blade Fly Rod Review

By Mike Davis 09/12/2017

Airflo Blade

One of the benefits of working in the fishing trade is that you often get to test many of the goodies that are soon to come out on the market.  As a fly fishing bum, the thing that really excites me the most is getting out, fishing and casting new rods and in particular, new season catalogue items that you know the public will love. 

Just recently I spent a couple of days out fishing, one in the King Country and another day on the Tongariro fishing with the new Airflo Blade fly rod. I am amazed at just how far the Airflo range of rods has come, nowadays the customer gets phenomenal value for money with mid-price pointed rods and sets with high quality, high modulus graphite blanks.

Mike Davis reviews the Airflo Blade Fly Rod

Good, smooth casting is done by having the skill to feel the flyline load the rod at different lengths, both short and long so you as an angler understand where the rod is most responsive and what kind of water the rods suits best.  Finding these zones really spins my wheels when casting these new rods. The Blade is a fast tip action rod that is designed to load at all casting lengths.  It is not just a brute, park casting rod.  The tip folds nicely under load but recovers quickly making it easy for all anglers of any casting ability to pick up the rod and use it well no matter how experienced or skilled they are.  It is a rod that all casters will appreciate.

The range of Blade rods starts at a 5 weight.  Designed for smaller rivers and streams and goes up from there to the great all round 6#,  a 7# and an 8# all of which are 9 foot in length.  All are made up in 4 piece blanks.

Blade Fly Rod

In addition to the range are a 9’6” 8# 4 piece for fishing large bodies of water.  This rod is perfect for throwing heavy or large flies in particular when winter fishing around the Central North Island. There is also a 10’ 6# for loch style fishing that will be perfect for drift fishing out of boats or stream mouth fishing over the summer months. The rod is matt black in colour and all models come with a spare rod tip in case of worse case scenario out on the water.  The 5# and 6# have a single K style stripper while the 8# comes with 2 high quality K style stripper guides. It has a machined alloy skeletal reel seat with a good looking timber insert.

Airflo Blade

The Blade rod and set are both fantastic high quality items that are incredible value for money pieces. You will be very impressed with firstly the look of the product and most important the performance of the Blade will blow you away. So if you are just starting out and wanting quality, then look at the Blade, and if you already own a high end American made rod and are looking for a spare then the Blade will simply knock your socks off.