About Manic Tackle Project

Manic Tackle Project has been established because we love fly fishing and we wanted to create a business that we would enjoy working in and would benefit the people around us. We're lucky to have a great group of friends in the tackle industry, both retailers and suppliers. There is no question that Manic couldn't have happened without these friendships and for that we're extremely grateful.

Our simple goal here at Manic is to design and distribute cool products and teach people everything we can about  fly fishing. We've created this website so you can check out the products we are selling in our products pages and even look at the products we're working on in our Manic Blog. More than anything we believe that if you're keen enough as an angler to be reading this website then we want to hear from you so feel free to drop us an e-mail or better still log in and post a comment on our blog or photo in our galleries.

To help you we've created a membership section, allowing you to log into the site, and have your say on our blogs or add pictures and video to our site to help us teach people about fly fishing or to simply share your experiences. The way we see it, the more everyone knows about this great sport the more they will enjoy it and the more empowered we will all be to work together to protect the future of our sport. What's more as a member you'll receive our new quarterly e-magazine Fly Fishers Inc and be automatically enrolled into our subscription offers.

In summary this is just what we do, we love fly fishing and the kind of people the sport attracts, more than anything it's our hope that this will become your Manic Tackle Project and you'll be able to share the adventure with us.

Rene, Chris S, Matt, Alex, Chris D, Sherry and Susan

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