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When you decide to enter the flooded fly reel arena, you better know what you’re doing. And when you enter the field of fly reel manufacturing, you better have something different, and better, that works, but without varying too far off the path. Welcome to Hatch Outdoors.   

Created in 2003 by 2 passionate fly fisherman, Danny Ashcraft and John Torok, Hatch Outdoors worked to design innovative reels where drag, durability and design were the main criteria.  Since then, Hatch have provided the market for over a decade with not only quality innovative reels, but also other equipment, apparel and accessories.

Hatch are passionate about delivering a product that inspires confidence in its user and ensures them that they’ve purchased the right tool for the job.


From simple product catalogs to experiential Angler’s Annuals


As the product offerings have evolved over the years,  so has their approach to sharing that range, of products with you, their loyal customers. Take a spin through a bit of Hatch history below.


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