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hatch fly reels

In the beginning, we had some pretty far-out ideas about fly reels. So much so, that our creativity far exceeded the boundaries of machine capability. We tweaked, tortured, and twisted all varieties of metal and configurations until we came up with what you see today. The culmination of which has far exceeded our expectations and those of our dealers and customers. When we started, we were told we couldn’t make reels like these — so we did. We were told there are too many reels on the market — we didn’t care. We were told if we didn’t use cork in a high performance reel we’d be dead in a year — horse@#%! We were told anglers didn’t want so many color or style choices — they were wrong. Needless to say, I’m glad we didn’t listen. Instead, we stuck to our guns and did what we thought customers wanted. Which ultimately is the most important thing. Hatch was created for the hardcore and recreational angler alike. It’s dedicated to pioneers and pirates. It’s a brand whose sole focus is on providing the most stylish, high performance fly-fishing reels on the market today. And I think that’s just what we’ve done. Before you make your next reel purchase you owe it to yourself to try a Hatch. Available at dealers in the know…

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